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MINDistortion - crazy, disturbing, flash cartoons and digital artwork. lots of free online games as well. - Disturbing the internet audience with twisted flash movies and addictive games since 2002. | receive updates | tell a friend | sign up!
It seems like your browser doesn't support Flash properly.<br/> <a href = "" target="_blank">Get Flash</a><br/> <br/> <br/> <a href="store/" target="_blank">Store</a> | <a href="hireme/" target="_blank">Portfolio</a> | <a href="forum/" target="_blank">Forum</a><br/> <br/> This page is the source of the games Bubbles, Zombie Squirrel Attack, QuaRkZ, Seraph, JackHammer Rampage, Animotion, Assmaster, Ninja Pirate Cave Raid, MindScape and KillAKitty.<br/> Proud home of the movies Perish, Freedom Awaits, War, A hamster's Revenge, Dependency, Discordance, Nihil, Sickey Mouse and Escapism.<br/> Often misspelled as minddistortion, mind distortion, ministortion, mind is tortion and mind-distortion.<br/> And it's not,,, - it's<br/> <!-- google_ad_section_start --> on this page you'll find flash games, flash movies, action games, shooter games, cartoons, music videos, webdesign, strange art.<br/> arcade and action games, addictive games, dark and twisted flash, weird artwork, funny cartoons and soul stealing.<br/> flash, digital art, media design, webdesign, animation, twisted entertainment, free games and brainwashing.<br/> <!-- google_ad_section_end --> MINDistortion was created and is maintained by Manuel Fallmann aka HeRetiK. (not Fallman, Falmann or Falman, it's Fallmann)<br/> <br/> because sanity is not statistical.<br/>
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